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Dwight Owen Schweitzer

Curriculum Vitae:

650 West Avenue, Miami Beach, Florida 33139 Email Tel. 786 222-7622

Significant Background in:  Law, Finance, Project Management, Public Affairs & Publishing

Professional Profile:


Green Energy Consulting & Capital Formation:   (Principal of Joint Energy Development Corporation)

Writing & Editing:  Knight Ridder-Tribune News Service; Internationally Syndicated Editorial and Opinion writer

Newspaper Publishing: CEO of a $1,000,000.00 + newspaper

Real Estate Acquisition and Development, Entrepreneurial Activities, Lawyer (Doctor of Jurisprudence, Vanderbilt Law School), Management Consulting, Community Relations, Guest Lecturer on Politics and Public Affairs

Significant Work Experience:

In May of 2000, at the invitation of the President of the Miami Herald Publishing Company, I accepted the position of Editor and Publisher of the Jewish Herald (later renamed The Jewish Star Times) a weekly community newspaper aimed at the Jewish community of Dade County and during my tenure, expanded to Broward and South Palm Beach Counties as well. Shortly after my arrival I was invited by the Editor and the Publisher of the Miami Herald newspaper to become a member of the Editorial Board to recommend Editorial content for the Miami Herald Editorial Pages.

As Editor and Publisher of The Jewish Star Times, I took full responsibility for all aspects of the paper including budget, design, layout, content, format, sales, community relations and management of the business while writing an editorial and a ‘Message Piece’ weekly. I took circulation of The Jewish Star Times from 35,000 in one county when I began, to a high of 135,000 and three counties (Miami-Dade, Broward and South Palm Beach) Florida.

When I arrived the newspaper was losing $4,000.00 per week. After I took over management in June of 2000 through the last quarter of 2002 revenues over expenses turned around by over $400,000.00 and during its last full operating quarter in 2002 the paper showed a profit of over $40,000.00 against a projected loss for the quarter of $15,000.00.

In 2001, at the suggestion of Norman Braman, President of the Greater Miami Jewish Federation, made to Tony Ridder, Ch. of Knight Ridder Corp., the Knight Ridder-Tribune News service invited me to send them my editorials and opinion pieces from The Jewish Star Times for syndication through the Knight Ridder-Tribune News Service for international syndication to its’ 435 member newspapers. In any given week my readership world-wide was estimated to be  in excess of 2,000,000 readers, in newspapers as far away as Taiwan.  I was the invited guest of the Taiwan government to visit their country during the showing of the Einstein Exhibition there.

Hits to The Jewish Star Times web site went from about 5000 per month when I began to almost 100,000 by November 2002, the last month of tabulation. A decision was made in September of 2002 to close the paper in early December as part of a reorganization of the Miami Herald Publishing Company.

During my tenure as the Editor & Publisher of the Jewish Star Times, I recruited 14 members of the community to write features for the newspaper weekly, and for free. At the end of my tenure I was awarded a bonus of one year’s salary in recognition of my work there over the preceding two and a half years.

Recent Activities:

2009-2 to Present

Activity: Green Energy consulting with a concentration on LED and other energy-efficient lighting alternatives and briefly served as COO of BAM Solar.

2006-9 to 2009-2: Activity: Corporate Financial and Management Consulting & Brokerage

I have been a source for people and businesses to help define and reach both short-term and long-term financial goals, create or restructure existing business models, advise on strategic planning, and in the process to find and secure capital to meet their needs.

2002/12-2006-8 Activity: Healthcare Cost Solutions Industry Type: E-commerce

Position: Principal


I created a new business model for an ‘E-business’ which selects for the consumer all forms of insurance and risk management approaches which are then underwritten, and sold over the Internet. The business model is unique internationally and has several proprietary features which form the basis for a business methods patent to protect the unique and distinguishing features of the architecture and delivery system. The process, as envisioned in the business model results in the ability to interactively underwrite and package multiple risk protection  products simultaneously while performing other complementary financial services for the consumer, and doing so on an ongoing basis. It is a relationship building method whereby the consumer sees the business as his/her partner in configuring and packaging risk protection for all forms of insurable as well as uninsurable risks over the course of their lives.

Writing projects:

During this period, I have also been writing a book entitled “Of Thee I Sing…A Vision For Americas’ Future”.  The subject traces American History from the writing of the Constitution to today and attempts to draw the distinction between freedom and license. It tries to flesh out how personal freedom is defined and fostered and the changes in society felt necessary to encourage constructive citizenship and in the process to strengthen the cohesion between the government and the governed.

The process focuses on recommended changes to our educational system, our judicial system, information dissemination systems and other institutional changes which offer the hope of creating a more cohesive and productive society while defining and promoting personal liberty and social responsibility.

Prior work experience:

Upon graduation from Vanderbilt Law School (top 25%) I joined Neighborhood Legal Services of Hartford as a senior staff attorney for two+ years. I was nationally recognized for my work by the Legal Services Corporation, headed by Donald Rumsfeld, later Secretary of Defense in the Bush Administration.

Significant litigation and other activities:

Shortly after going into private practice I was asked by Ralph Nader, (later, on 2 occasions, a candidate for President of the United States) to represent him and others in opposing the takeover of The Hartford Fire Insurance Company by the ITT Corporation; the largest private antitrust case in American history. I took the deposition of Harold Geneen, CEO & Chairman of ITT Corporation, and as a result of the information I obtained, I am prominently mentioned in the book ”The Sovereign State of ITT”, by Anthony Sampson.

One aspect of the case went up for argument before the Supreme Court of the United States in 1975. Were it not for the appearance of a conflict of interest due to the ITT litigation, I was under consideration to serve as an Associate Counsel to the Watergate Commission whose activities ultimately resulted in the resignation from office of then President Richard M. Nixon.

During 1986, I  served  as  the  Publisher  and  CFO  of  The  Greater Hartford Business Magazine.

In 1988-1994 I formed and headed a real estate development company developing raw land into entry-level single family detached housing and other building projects including developing government sponsored single and multi-family housing. My development firm ran an organization of 14 full-time employee’s, 5-7 part-time employees, and 30 to 40 sub-contractors. I built 80 single family entry-level homes and 32 units of multi-family housing. After the collapse of the Connecticut economy in 1992, I returned to the private practice of’ law in 1993 through late May of 2000, when I relocated to Florida to be the editor and Publisher of a Knight Ridder owned newspaper. (see above)

During my legal career, I participated in various significant cases and have several existing precedents decided by the Supreme Court of the state of Connecticut. At various times, I also served as an Associate Editor of the Connecticut Bar Journal, represented the student government of Central Connecticut. State University, served as Legislative Counsel for the Connecticut Consumers Association and acted as an advisor to the Community Renewal Team of Hartford on capital formation and economic development strategies for the inner city.

At the invitation of the Governor and the President Pro-Tem of the Senate of the State of Connecticut, I served on the State Privatization Commission to study and recommend how best to outsource various Governmental functions to the private sector.


Vanderbilt University School of Law Degree: Doctor of Jurisprudence (top 25%)

University of Hartford Degree: Bachelor of Arts (Deans List)


My hobbies include golf, tennis, sailing, skiing, skeet shooting; I collect antiques, I ride horses on occasion, am a PADI certified advanced open water scuba diver. I am an avid reader, requested speaker and writer on politics and world affairs.

I particularly enjoy reading history and historical fiction, writing poetry and am a published author and poet. I am also a lecturer on a range of topics including American History, Politics and World Affairs and as a motivational speaker. I am presently writing a book entitled, “Of Thee I Sing … A Vision for America’s Future”.

Past and Present Groups & Associations:

Connecticut Bar Association

Hartford County Bar Association

American Trial Lawyers Association

California Insurance Association

Connecticut Earth Action Group (Co-Founder)

South Park Inn Homeless Shelter (Co-Founder)

Jewish Press Association

Honors/Awards/Significant Activities:

I was chosen as one of the top 25 Legal Services Attorneys in the United States (out of over 6000) to take part in a colloquium’ on the future role of the National Legal Services Program, in Vail, CO.  Our collective objection to government interference in how Legal Services Attorneys represented their clients in suits to redress state and local governmental abuses was featured in an article in Time Magazine.

Early in my career I served as legal counsel to Congressman Emilio Q. Daddario, candidate for Governor of the State of Connecticut. Some years later I was asked to serve as an aid to the Finance Chair of the Democratic National Committee at both the Mondale and Dukakis Democratic National Conventions. I was the endorsed candidate of the Democratic Party of the state of Connecticut for the State Legislature once and for State Senator twice.

Ohio Senator (and former astronaut) John Glenn asked me to serve as the Connecticut Coordinator of his presidential campaign and to be a member of his National Policy Advisory Committee. I was a personal invitee of then Governor William Jefferson Clinton to his first nominating convention and was his invited guest at his first inauguration as President of the United States.

During my tenure as the Editor & Publisher of The Jewish Star Times, I was the invited guest of the Governments of Spain, Germany, Israel, and Taiwan to visit their countries as the guest of their respective governments.

Personal Homepage & Blog:

In November ’09 I was invited by the Public Broadcasting Service to be a guest lecturer on a PBS sponsored Media Cruise where I delivered a 4 Part Lecture Series on:

 ‘Improving our Educational System’, ‘Our Ability to Compete in the new World Economy’,

 ‘The Meaning and Significance of Globalization’, and  ‘My Thoughts on what the Obama Administration will try to accomplish’.

They can be seen on ‘YouTUBE’:

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The Oil Sands Pipeline…A Lesson in Lunacy

 By Dwight Owen Schweitzer December 7th 2011

I am sure most of the cognoscenti at least, are aware of the novel idea put forth by Exxon Mobil and their Canadian partners of building a pipeline from Canada to Texas to bring what appear to be a substantial reserve of poor quality oil called ‘oil sands’ to the refineries there. If my memory serves me it has been at least 20 years since we have built a new refinery in the United States and world refining capacity is inadequate to meet present let alone future demand. Russia is particularly hard hit by it’s lack of refining capacity and is relying on it’s admittedly huge natural gas reserves to bring in the hard currency on which it’s economic growth depends, being a ‘Mifiaocracy’ not withstanding.


While I have no hard figures on the cost to build this pipeline it is reasonable to assume that today’s number is at best a low ball guess although no one would argue that whatever the cost they certainly have the money. What troubles me however, is the simple question of why bring the mountain to Mohammed when, at least to me, it makes a lot more sense to build a new refinery not only a lot closer to the location of the deposits in Canada which apparently are sufficient to keep it in the black (pardon the pun) but a west coast accessible refinery could be a profit center pulling in refinable petroleum from present and both known and suspected potential sources around the Pacific rim. More importantly, it is generally known that the oil contained in the Canadian oil sands is ‘dirty’ oil and in order to be made ‘clean’ the refining process needs to be state of the art, a far cry from what exists today at the other end of the proposed pipeline. The actual and potential environmental damage from the pipeline is another issue of significant concern in a area of the country that is not immune from potential threats both natural and man made. Let us not forget that we are in a state of seige or so the Patriot Act tells us, and if we cannot seal out border with Mexico I tend to doubt that we can keep a 1500+ mile pipeline free from some spare semtex and a creative terrorist or two.


Refining capacity is the bottleneck through which supply meets demand and whoever controls refining capacity determines the price of gas at the pump here and around the world. It is common to hear proponents of more exploration cry about the need for us to have greater control over our energy supplies but I have yet to hear any whining about the state of our refining capacity and yet it is refining capacity that makes that black goo into the innumerable products the kracking process from refining enables the owner of the refinery to create. A bit of history here; the Rockefeller fortune came from controlling access to refining because if you don’t have the ability to add the ‘gold’ to the ‘black’, all you have is a lot of gunk that has potential.


For those of you who decry the governments involvement in keeping us healthy and safe or at least trying to keep ahead of those who would happily sell us any number of dangerous goods and illegal services, they have a positive role to play here. One of the impediments to adding to our refining capacity is an abundance of local, state and federal regulations, often at odds with each other. There is a national need for adding to our refining capacity and as the government can get in the way it can also pave the way when our national interest is at stake. Here is the perfect opportunity for the federal government to play a positive role in moving the building of a new, state of the art, refinery located in a place in the pacific northwest where it could open up new markets, keep us from a 1500 mile boondoggle, and get it built within a reasonable time. It is worth keeping in mind during all this, that up to now at least, refining has been left up to big oil to decide when and how much petroleum products to produce, resulting in a strangle hold on the price of our most crucial national resource and the one upon which our economy depends.