Falling in love in Cyberspace

;”>  My first memory is of her face, Out from the mist with many more. For she lived in a distant place, Where I had never been before. I am not sure what brought me there To that land so far away. I did not think the fates would care To take my loneliness away. But there are times the fates are kind And bring us gifts beyond our ken* As they watch over humankind And pity take, on hapless men. They must have picked me out it seems Seeing me sad and all alone, With empty hopes and careless dreams, Having no one to call my own. They must have searched so far and wide, To find the woman just for me, Oblivious to time and tide, What was to be, was to be. Else I can’t say how I found her, She who wraps me from the cold, Who oft tells me that I astound her When I am silver and she is gold. Though I have never heard her voice Nor felt her fingers on my face It is as if I have no choice She is my home, my human place. Dwight Owen Schweitzer July 2012 ____________________________ *’ken’ means ‘the ability to comprehend’