Why I can never vote for a Republican

It’s not because I am a liberal or that I believe in a woman’s right to choose, or that they have done all that they can to frustrate the ability to vote by those least likely to vote for them….not even because they have gerrymandered much of the country to make a registered minority into a voting majority by lumping all the Democrats together in district “A” while making district “B” Republican by a small majority. It’s not because they used that process to take control of state legislatures who in turn control everything from voting rights to redistricting. It is not even because they are happy to take away the access to healthcare recently granted to 16 million more Americans.

I cannot vote for a Republican because they have corrupted our constitutional system; because they have slowly, methodically, taken us back to the America of the 1890’s when money bought them President McKinley. When the few who were rich saw to it that labor could not organize, that the poor were kept poor to keep their cost of labor down. A time when power was more important than justice, and freedom was a keep that they kept to themselves.

They lied then and they lie now, and they have a Supreme Court that cares less about the law and the constitutional principles that offered such promise, then they do about using the law to keep their ideological proxies in power. I know that virtually every Supreme Court Justice who ever served from the founding of this nation until 1972, regardless of the party from whence they came, would agree that ‘Citizens United” was unconstitutional and a perversion of the electoral system that, up till then, had marched inexorably toward expanding the franchise for almost two centuries.

Make no mistake, we are on the brink of a new dark age where government exists to serve the few and oppress the many. Where the NRA is more powerful than every human rights organization combined, and where quality education is a commodity to be accessed by the rich and to further impoverish the middle class through a loan system that is designed to profit the government at the expense of those who must borrow against their future in order to have the chance to have one.

They spread fear about the debt to be passed on to future generations but do nothing to reduce the debt load their student loan programs strap on the backs of our children. For those who truly love this country and the promise it holds for future generations we must put a stop to this insidious perversion of a land that cannot be defeated from without but is slowly disintegrating from within.