Some Thoughts on the Subject of Immigration

By Dwight Owen Schweitzer

There seems to be an awful lot of heated talk about immigration into the United States these days and what steps must be taken to stop it, as if it were a disease that was about to become an epidemic and wipe us out. Simultaneously we also hear similar complaints about the export of jobs overseas which are draining our balance of payments like a sink hole after a 100 year drought and yet no one seems to be drawing any connection between the two. As I have a fondness to rush in where angles fear to tread, let me share some observations which are also the kind of truths which ought to be self evident.

The first is that we have simply replaced controlled immigration with uncontrolled immigration resulting in an influx of illegal Hispanic immigrants by the tens of thousands while excluding immigrants from other countries who might reinstate the ‘melting pot’ of our forefathers which brought to our shores the very diversity that made this nation the vibrant and dynamic society we are increasingly losing sight of.

Now don’t misunderstand me here, I do not draw any distinctions between Hispanics, Slavs, Orientals, Semites or even anti-Semites for that matter. What I am painfully aware of however, is the fact that we are surrounded for the most part by Canadians who are smart enough to want to stay home, water which we can’t drink while exporting what we can, and people of Hispanic origin encircling our borders.

It is logical therefore that those most likely to sneak in in volume are those who are closest and have the least arduous journey to get here…and to hopefully no ones surprise, they are indeed the ones who arrive in disproportionate droves. The statistics, which escape me at present, suggest that the number of Spanish speaking Americans is growing at an exponential rate as the trend towards bi-lingual education seems to validate. In the meantime, as so many are not here legally they have the unique status of having access to all the benefits of living here (which seem to be fewer and fewer as time goes on) and few of the detriments like paying taxes for example. So not only have we a subculture of illegal ‘Americans’ but they seem to be, at least in some respects, better off then the rest of us who, to varying degrees, are subsidizing their oddly preferred status.

Were this not ludicrous enough, the demagogues amongst us think the answer is to build better fences, presumably so only the more ingenious or creative are able to get in, rather than their less sophisticated counterparts although, oddly enough, our work force needs the latter much more than the former, all else being equal. To add ingredients to the mix, there are some other facts we ought to keep in mind. For example (to paraphrase the “lets all have guns crowd”) when immigration is outlawed, only outlaws immigrate. One need only look at the growth of such beneficial segments of our society as MS 13 (one of the most violent street gangs in the country) or numerous others of their ilk who drain the resources of law enforcement in staggering amounts while doing nothing to contribute to offsetting the cost. This picture of what is happening in the land of the free and the home of the brave makes us feel that much less free and frankly scared shitless to walk in neighborhoods our grandparents were once proud to call home.

Not being one to just ‘bitch and moan’ when I take pen to paper, there are some things we ought to actually be doing about all this and it is not playing ‘good fences make good neighbors’ to the tune of the Star Spangled Banner. As I had suggested in another piece, we first have to have a system where everyone pays taxes to support the economic health of our country and that means a graduated sales tax, graduated on the basis of an inverse tax based on the necessity of the item. Everybody buys to live and therefore everybody would pay taxes when they do, and the sales tax on my Mercedes ought to be appreciably higher than on my bananas. The income tax then disappears, at least for individuals, and the federal budget gets to lay off all of those ubiquitous IRS employees we have all come to know and love. I no longer have to waste 000’s of hours figuring out how to pay less than I really should and a slew of other benefits accrue, not the least of which is that now we treat the cost of everything the way we treat the cost of money and have a better way to regulate the economy at the same time.

But this is about immigration, not taxation, although they are very much intertwined. Another disturbing fact is that our infrastructure (roads, bridges, water and sewer lines, levies etc. are deteriorating and we can’t afford to fix them at a rate that keeps up, a feature that will only get worse as the cost of labor continues to rise because the labor pool that no longer is being replenished by immigration is still upwardly mobile but no one is filling in at the bottom and competition for labor like anything else is governed by the laws of supply and demand. It is also a fact of life that the larger the land mass the higher the cost to maintain it which may explain why France and Japan have bullet trains and we can’t even afford to have a self supporting national passenger rail system.

Some other disturbing facts need to be in this mix. Social Security started with 15 or so workers to support each retiree; now it is around 2.5 and getting worse and declining birth rates can only be compensated for by immigration of workers early in their working lives. For those of you who are shaking your heads over the real problem of world population growth and think we can keep the attendant problems from our shores by just getting a handle on ending illegal immigration are living in a fool’s former paradise. If world population growth reaches critical mass elsewhere, and fortress America has escaped the consequences, do not think for a moment that illegal immigration compelled by the relative allure we appear to offer our less fortunate neighbors now will not become a flood as the disproportion between ‘us’ and ‘them’ intensifies.

Immigration was what made this country work as new blood energized the old and filled the vacuum upward mobility created as our economy came to dominate the world. The time when the things we took for granted, others coveted, and were willing to do the jobs we had come to look upon with disdain is on it’s way of becoming a thing of the past. It is a sad fact that the allure of coming to America, once the dream of huddled masses from every corner of the globe, is becoming less and less desirable as our standard of living continues to deteriorate amongst the developed countries of the world who increasingly offer a better, safer, healthier, more just, better educated and indeed more humane way of life than what we have allowed ourselves to become and are increasingly becoming. The voices who beguile us with images of our own superiority are those who benefit by making the poor, poorer so that the rich can get richer as the statistics of our recent history all too clearly demonstrate.

While I could go on with statistic after statistic, fact after fact to demonstrate my point, perhaps the clearest indication of our decline is mirrored in the history of the American dollar against other currencies. Soon, the dollar will not be the currency the world sees as the haven of stability against all others and China holds enough of our currency to destroy the American economy as surely as if there were a nuclear war simply by putting it up for sale.

Wake up America, we are on the verge of a reality that will doom our children and their children to see this land we love as a place not to immigrate to but to emigrate from.


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