A bit about me….

Some excerpts from my CV:

Education:University of Hartford, Vanderbilt University Law School top 25% Work: Sr. Staff Attorney at Neighborhood Legal Services, Consultant in Economic Development to the Community Renewal Team of Greater Hartford. When I went into private practice I was then hired by Ralph Nader to oppose the takeover of The Hartford Fire Insurance Company by International Telephone and Telegraph Corp ,the largest private anti-trust case in American history; a portion of which went for argument before the Supreme Court of the United States. I also served as an Assoc. Editor of the Connecticut Bar Journal.

In May 2000 at the invitation of the President of the Miami Herald Publishing Company I became the Editor and Publisher of the Knight Ridder owned Jewish Herald later renamed The Jewish Star Times.  While at the Herald I was invited to serve as a member of the Editorial Board of the Miami Herald newspaper and later, at the invitation of the CEO of Knight Ridder Inc., I became an  internationally syndicated columnist for the Knight Ridder-Tribune News Service. My weekly readership in any given week was +/- 2,000,000 readers in newspapers from Miami to Taiwan where my editorials were featured in the Taipei Times twice in one week.

Community Service: I was a co-founder of a 86 bed homeless shelter in Hartford, CT., served by invitation of the then Governor of Connecticut on the Privatization Commission of the Connecticut legislature, counsel to the Connecticut Consumers Association and the student government of Connecticut State Central University.

Political Activities: Early in my career I served as legal counsel to Emilio Q. Daddario, then the unsuccessful candidate for Governor of the state of Connecticut. I subsequently served an aid to the Finance Chair of the DNC at the Mondale and Dukakis Democratic Conventions and was the endorsed candidate of the Democratic party for the state legislature once and State Senate twice. I served as the Connecticut chair of Sen. John Glenn’s presidential campaign and at his invitation served as  a member of his National Policy Committee. I was Governor William Jefferson Clinton’s guest at his first nominating convention and subsequently at his inauguration for President of the United States.

I am divorced and have two children, Alexander 25 and Elizabeth 22 and reside in Miami Florida.


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