Some thoughts on Elliot Spitzer’s fall from grace…

By Dwight Owen Schweitzer

What follows is not an endorsement of infidelity but rather an explanation of why powerful men are able to (and do) act out the fantasies that ‘lesser’ males only aspire to or dream about….

Long before the Clinton-Monica thing, I often wondered about the issue of male infidelity and came to some conclusions (pardon the pun)…It has been rightly observed that we are but one generation away from the jungle and it is not a long leap to remember that we are, after all, the culmination of an evolutionary imperative that implanted within the male of the species that he must procreate and do so to the exclusion of other, ‘lesser’ males.

I do not believe that monogamy is the natural state of man, monogamy has been imposed by women to insure that they get the best genes, protection and support and are able to keep them for themselves for all of their ever lengthening lives.

It is not surprising to me that those who become leaders through their own efforts, truly powerful men in their own right….are, in a civilized sense, no different from the alpha males of the animal world who are driven to plant their seed in as many potential recipients as they can gather and hold on to. When Bill Clinton said “I did it because I could” what he was really saying was that he was fulfilling the genetic imperative of an Alpha male because he had risen to become one. It was not his intellect that drove him, it was his power and his power was the very thing that brought women to him. The well documented instances of leaders sexual ‘excesses’ are too numerous to mention but Spitzer’s choice, while hardly inspired, simply elevates her to the Meagan Marshak of our generation… (Gov. Rockefellers’ mistress with whom he died presumably during coitus).

If we look at virtually any leader who has achieved leadership by virtue of the power of his personality, intellect and force of will, it is more than likely that we will find infidelity on a commensurate scale. I was intrigued that most of the commentators here on the Spitzer ‘scandal’ were women. While I hardly expect any man to say he did it because it was imbued in his genes…when all is said and done, that case is the easiest to make and document both clinically and historically.

That is not to say that I endorse the behavior, I merely understand what caused it. I do think we were better off in Kennedy’s day when the press had the good sense to understand the difference between private failings and the abuse of the public (verses pubic) trust, and just kept their mouths shut.

What the Spitzer case tells me is that he really tried to fight his natural urge to screw as many women as he wanted and out of the desperation of knowing he could not keep the genie locked in the bottle, chose the path of least resistance and instant fulfillment…he bought it instead of ‘capturing it’….which indicates to me an act of desperation when his sex drive (as it so easily does) supplanted if not overwhelmed his judgment. There is a saying that a stiff cock has no conscience. What should be added is that it has no judgment either.


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