Songs….the poem

I heard songs from my youth today.

Their purity seemed so far away,
when the world was just a simple place,
and it’s face was just it’s face…

But I am somewhat older now,

and what was pure will not allow
that I can still feel quite as free,
as when there was a younger me.
For now the world intrudes my dreams,
and I don’t think in simple schemes…
the purity that evened day and night
each special with a different light,
So ignored when I was young,
Have power now that I’m among,
a world that is much more complex
than that dreamed in my Rolodex.
It changed the day J. F. K. died,
while never knowing why I cried.
when innocence just slips away
it’s rarely missed,.. not on that day.
But when those songs came back to me,
With all their strength and purity,
and I could feel as I did then,
transported quickly back again…
to a time when all was new,
my heart told me that it was you,
that made me want to venture back,
To when white was white and black was black.
Knowing like children we will romp,
without the circumstance and pomp,
that living life simply intrudes
on lesser lovers interludes….
Dwight Owen Schweitzer  ’94

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